Kesha discusses the correct way to pronounce her name

Kesha is clarifying the pronunciation of her name! The 34-year-old singer, whose full name is Kesha Rose Sebert, participated in a TikTok video in which she was asked, “Tell me what your name is and then tell me how people mispronounce it.”

“My name is Kesha. Keh-sha,” Kesha enunciates. “No Kee-Sha. No Ketchup. Kesha.”

Coincidentally, Kesha’s singer-songwriter mother Pebe Sebert also addressed the origins of her daughter’s unique name in a question and answer session on her own TikTok account on the same day.

“The name Kesha is actually a Hungarian surname that Lagan would have been named if it had been a girl,” Pebe said of Kesha’s older brother. “But since it wasn’t, the name is actually pronounced Ket-ta-cha in Hungarian, so I decided to make it easier and make it Kesha. And that’s where Kesha came from.”

Kesha has been very active on TikTok lately, posting a hilarious reaction video of herself watching Caitlyn Jenner sing her song “Tik Tok” on The Masked Singer. Watch the clip below to learn more.


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