Kendall Jenner criticized for cultural appropriation for launching her 818 tequila

While she’s not the only celebrity to launch a tequila, model and internet celebrity Kendall Jenner is being flagged for cultural appropriation after announcing her brand of tequila.

Less than a day ago, one of the minors of the Kardashian-Jenner clan shared her tequila brand with her millions of followers and something that has bothered users is the name she uses.

The tequila It’s called 818 and it’s named after the San Fernando Valley area code, where Calabasas is located, where the Kardashians have properties and one of the most exclusive areas of California and the United States.

However the area code 818 also includes other areas, far from the reality of Kendall Jenner, which has annoyed users.

Therefore, in addition to cultural appropriation, Kendall Jenner’s tequila launch has been singled out for eliminating contributions from Latinos, both from the Mexican region where it is distilled (Jalisco), and from the liquors sold in San Fernando, the valley where the 818 zip code is.

The San Fernando area contains some of the poorest areas in Los Angeles, as well as areas with large populations of Mexican and Central American immigrants.

Why is Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila singled out for gentrification and cultural appropriation?

According to different users who live in the 818 area code, this launch gentrifies and eliminates Mexican and Latino culture, since 818 does not represent Calabasas, but rather each and every Latino in the San Fernando Valley.

Among the complaints, users point out that Kendall should not be making a tequila, since it is not part of their culture and only does it as a business.

Another criticism is the name, because although Calabasas is within the 818 area, it is only a minimal part, which eliminates the Latino majority that inhabits the area and appropriates their identity to market a Mexican product.

However, there are also users on social networks who point out that, despite being Latino and living within the 818 code, they are not offended by the launch of tequila.

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