Katy Perry shows the face of her baby, Daisy Dove for the first time

Ever since Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announced the birth of their baby daughter, Daisy Dove, the world has wanted to meet her and, for the first time, the singer showed her baby’s face.

However, it seems that it was not on purpose, because through their social networks, the singer and the actor have not published it.

It was during a walk on the beach that the photographers captured the face of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s baby, Daisy Dove, while they were resting.

Katy Perry wore a long and loose tunic, down to the heels, as well as a mask with flower details and a straw hat.

For her part, Daisy wore a hat and a long white shirt and blue shorts, while Orlando Bloom was seen bare-chested.

Although Katy Perry always chooses to cover her baby’s face so that she is not portrayed, this time she exposed her and everyone can know her now.

Daisy Dove’s image is quite similar to Katy Perry’s when she was a baby, as the same singer revealed 19 weeks ago on her Instagram account.

Of course, Daisy also has Orlando Bloom traits, which show her a little differently, although with the same style as her mother when she was a child.

News of Daisy’s birth came on August 27, when famous people shared it on their social networks.

Here we leave you the image in which Katy Perry shows for the first time the face of her baby, Daisy Dove.

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