Katy Perry Says She Quit Secular Music After Buying This Guest’s ‘American Idol’ CD As A Teen

Katy Perry is reliving a fun moment from her teenage years with the latest american idol Guest. The 36-year-old singer took to Twitter on Monday to share a video of herself recalling the time she broke her family’s rules and bought the Incubus album as a teenager.

“The first CD I bought was an Incubus CD that had ‘Pardon Me’ on it. It was my favorite song,” he said of the rock band’s 1997 album. Do it yourself. “I brought it home and they wouldn’t let me listen to secular music. I took it out of its little stand and it broke into, like, the Ten Commandments, and I thought it was a sign from God.”

“I would never ever listen to secular, devil-worshiping music again,” he continued, before moving the camera to reveal Brandon Boyd, the lead singer of Incubus, who joked, “Until …”

Perry responded to Boyd’s joke by jokingly yelling at the top of his lungs.

“West Coast, it’s your turn to tune in to Idol!” Perry wrote alongside the clip. “One of the guests tonight is @mybrandonboyd, who has been a bad influence on me since I was a teenager.”

Boyd, who duel with Idol Contestants Chayce Beckham and Casey Bishop on Monday’s episode retweeted the video and added the smiling angel emoji to their post.

Watch the video below to learn more about Perry.


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