Katherine Heigl shares the name she really goes by in her personal life

Unlike many celebrities, Katherine Heigl doesn’t use a stage name, but in her personal life, she doesn’t use Katherine either. The actress sat down on Tuesday The Drew Barrymore Showand shared some insights about his life off screen.

The actress, who was promoting her new Netflix series. Firefly lane – explained how he makes sure to use Katherine when it comes to his career and a nickname with his friends.

“Nobody calls me Katherine. Sounds a lot more sophisticated, right? As an adult named Katherine,” Heigl explained. “It helps me separate my work from myself if that makes sense. I had to accept it.”

The issue came up when Barrymore referred to her real-life friend as Katie, and compared it to Anne Hathaway’s recent admission that she prefers to be called Annie.

“I think Katherine is so majestic … and then Katie is super cute and smiling,” Barrymore said. “Do you feel like you have those two women running inside you?”

“Yes. I feel that way,” Heigl shared. “I feel like I can introduce myself as Katherine when I need to, but most of the time I’m just Katie.”

While she has a royal side and a playful side, the actress joked that, at home, with her husband Josh Kelley and their three young children, she is “actually more of a drill sergeant.”

One thing Heigl says she has been very strict about is monitoring her children’s use of technology and their screen time. Recently, it allowed them to start using tablets because it can limit what they can use them for.

“I have maximum control over the devices and I feel like I can now do this safely,” he shared. “They can be safe there and I can be sure they are safe. So they have access to similar books.”

The Drew Barrymore Show airs on weekdays. Check here for local listings.

Meanwhile, the new Heigl series, Firefly Lane, is streaming on Netflix. Check out the video below to hear more from the stars about the season’s suspenseful finale and the show’s popularity.


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