Kanye West is ‘upset’ that he and Kim Kardashian couldn’t make it work, source says

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s split may have been amicable, but the 43-year-old rapper will take a while to “adjust.”

A source tells ET, “Kanye is upset that he and Kim couldn’t figure it out, but he knows they both tried really hard to make it work.”

“Kanye will always love Kim and is so thankful that the two of them share amazing children together,” says the source, adding that even though their marriage ended, “Kanye is grateful for Kim and for everything she did for him during their relationship. Kanye finally wants what is best for Kim, but it will take him some time to adjust to his new normal. “

ET confirmed that Kardashian filed for divorce on Friday and is seeking legal and physical custody of her four children: North, 7, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 1. A separate source told ET that West is fine. with the joint custody agreement and the two agree to be parents together.

Meanwhile, another source tells ET that “Kim’s family supports her 100 percent and has supported her throughout this process.”

The source notes that the reality star and businesswoman has been “spending time with them, leaning on them and receiving advice has been very helpful to her. At the end of the day, everyone wants the best for Kim and knows this is the right decision. for her and her family. “

When the news of their divorce broke, an additional source told ET that there is “no drama” between West and Kardashian, adding: “They have been in therapy working on their marriage, however divorce is something that has been discussed from time to time last year, but Kim has been reluctant to go through with it. “

In January, a source told ET that her marriage counseling had not “made much progress.”

“Kanye and Kim have been trying to save their marriage, but it has been difficult,” the source said at the time. “She is focused on raising her children and making sure they are in a safe and stable environment.” The source noted that Kardashian “has been overwhelmed trying to take care of him as well.”

The couple have a prenuptial agreement and neither of them plan to challenge it. They are already in the process of reaching a property settlement agreement, a source told ET.

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