Kameron Westcott Says He Won’t Talk To 2 ‘RHOD’ Co-stars After Season 5 Reunion (Exclusive)

Kameron Westcott likes to keep things bright, clear and positively pink, but that was apparently not possible in The Real Housewives of Dallas‘newly recorded season 5 reunion.

“It was definitely one of the most difficult meetings I think I’ve ever been through, and this is my fourth meeting with the housewives, you know?” the RHOD star confesses to ET’s Lauren Zima at her home in Highland Park, Texas. ET visited the 38-year-old TV personality for an exclusive tour of her Lone Star State mansion, which you can see for yourself on Entertainment Tonight Tuesday night. Check your local listings.

“There was not much fun, I should say there was no fun,” he adds about the meeting. “There was nothing fun.”

Kameron says the entire cast meeting focused on the “sensitive issues” that have marked much of season 5, including a racist video that Brandi Redmond shared online years ago, in which she portrayed Asians. Brandi sought mental health treatment prior to filming due to the online reaction she received for the resurfaced clip. She later admitted feeling uncomfortable with new cast member Dr. Tiffany Moon, who is Chinese-American, creating unnecessary tension in an otherwise joyous season.

Some of the women actually found themselves at odds with Tiffany over the course of the season, including Kameron over some insensitive comments she made about eating chicken feet, a Chinese delicacy Tiffany introduced to the cast. Tiffany and Kary Brittingham also had their issues, as viewers yelled at Kary for “bullying” the rookie in multiple episodes, from teasing her for being “bossy” to shoving her into a pool (Tiffany can’t swim) and forcing her to beat. tequila shots.

“Of course, they will address their travels on the show,” Kameron jokes. “I feel so bad about the things that are said to them every day. I mean, they are such wonderful people and, you know, it’s hard to be in the limelight and not all of them are perfect, and sometimes people attack our flaws and some seasons we show more flaws than other seasons and that’s the game we go through, and it sucks. But, at the end of the day, they’re both amazing women and they work so hard every day, and I just hope people can see the side. good in them because there is much more good and more good than bad. “

Kameron says Brandi was “very honest” at the meeting, hinting that she even addressed the rumors that have surfaced online about her family during the season 5 broadcast, including that her adopted son, Bruin, is supposedly her loving son. husband, Bryan. and a former lover (co-star Stephanie Hollman previously shut this down). A video also appeared on Instagram before the meeting that appeared to show Bryan kissing another woman.

“She takes care of everything,” says Kameron. “One thing I love about Brandi is that she tackles it. She’s not scared and, you know, that makes her so real.”

Kary and Brandi filmed the reunion virtually, while the rest of the cast (Kameron, Tiffany, D’Andra Simmons, and Stephanie Hollman) appeared in person with Andy Cohen. The half virtual, half in person meeting was a last minute change, as Kary tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in New York City. As a precaution, Brandi also quarantined herself, as she sat next to Kary on the flight to the recording.

Overall, however, Kameron says he was “not surprised” by what happened at the reunion, saying that his co-stars’ various comments throughout the season hinted at where things would end.

“I’m not surprised some people have never said sorry, not surprised,” he jokes, revealing that he doesn’t get along with two of his co-stars after filming.

“I think you guys could guess,” he offers, refusing to name names, but judging from his compliments to Kary, Brandi, and Stephanie during the interview, it’s safe to assume that D’Andra and Tiffany are the two stars Kameron no longer has. talking to.

“I’m in a great place with everyone but two people,” he reiterates. “You know, I wasn’t really that close to Brandi and Stephanie this season, and this season it brought us really close and we had a wonderful time filming together. We had built such a good relationship, and I’m so lucky to say that they’re now some of my friends. closest friends and I am very grateful for that. “

“I’ve never been to a place in this [show] before, where I can legitimately say that four girls are my closest friends, “she adds.” Usually it is about half, and that happens naturally with a group of women. But right now, I mean, most of the girls I’m really close to. “

Kameron says he doesn’t know if the group can “rebuild” after the tense meeting and says, “I guess time will tell.”

“I think that part of the damage that has been done, I do not know how you can move forward from there,” he adds, but then admits that not Expect a cast shakeup after season 5, even with Brandi posting a cryptic message hinting at an outing.

“I think people always say that to stir people up and make people worry that they will leave, but I really don’t think anyone will leave,” he admits. She notes that the entire cast was “in an amazing place when we finished” filming. Everything changed once the show started airing and the women started doing interviews.

“After everyone went through the press, we started to see true colors of certain people and I think that’s when a lot of us said, ‘Ooh, that girl is not my friend,'” she shares. “I was surprised by some of their reactions in the press, and I think it baffled me a bit. I was not expecting any of that, so I am a person who wants to surround myself with positivity and love, and if you can’t give it to me in 2021, move out of my way. “.

The Real Housewives of DallasThe season finale airs Tuesday at 9 pm ET / PT on Bravo. Tune in to Entertainment Tonight on TV to see more with Kameron and be sure to check out Kameron and Kary’s podcast, Kam and Kary Do Dallas, available wherever you listen to podcasts.


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