Kamala Harris shares an uplifting message during Premio Lo Nuestro’s surprise appearance

Kamala Harris made a surprise appearance at the 2021 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards.

The Vice President of the United States virtually addressed viewers with an uplifting message and expressed how Latin music has brought the nation closer together.

“Good evening, tonight we celebrate the Latino artists of our nation and our world. In a time of so much uncertainty, so much loss, your music has brought us comfort and strength,” Harris began. “As we work to defeat this virus and rebuild our economy, we need that spirit of hope that artists inspire. We need that spirit of resilience that frontline workers demonstrate every day and we need that spirit of unity that holds our communities together even when times are tough. “

“Doing your part is the best award. So thanks to Univision, thanks to the musicians and artists. And thanks to everyone for being the change,” he concluded.

Before the inauguration of Harris and Joe Biden, several Latino artists, including Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and more, encouraged people to vote and go to the polls. Jennifer Lopez also performed “This Land is Your Land” and “America the Beautiful” on opening day.

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