Kaitlyn Bristowe, Mike Johnson and more Bachelor’s on Chris Harrison’s defense of Rachael Kirkconnell

The Bachelor Nation is evaluating Chris Harrison’s defense of Rachael Kirkconnell’s racist behavior. Kaitlyn Bristowe, Mike Johnson and more Single Alumni have spoken on social media condemning Harrison’s comments during his Tuesday interview with Rachel Lindsay. (Harrison has since apologized, as has Kirkconnell, for his “offensive and racist” actions).

Right after Matt James Single released last month, a TikTok user accused Kirkconnell – one of the show’s early favorites – to intimidate her in the past for dating black men. Last week, another user accused Kirkconnell of liking racist photos. Photos of Kirkconnell have also appeared in an Old South plantation themed party while I was in college.

In a statement on Instagram Thursday, Kirkconnell apologized and said he hoped “to earn your forgiveness through my future actions.”

That apology came a day after Harrison issued his own statement, apologizing for “speaking incorrectly in a way that perpetuates racism” by defending Kirkconnell’s racist actions and asking people to offer him “grace.” Many fans continued to speak out against him, with Single alumni sharing their thoughts.

“I am extremely disappointed in Chris,” Bristowe said on Instagram Live Thursday. “He’s a dear, dear friend. I don’t like the culture of canceling – ‘Let’s fire him, hate him, f ** kle’ … I think we should and we’ve been holding him accountable. I think he surely needs to do more than issue a statement. I’m really, really disappointed. I’m with Rachel Lindsay. She’s been taking a lot of the burden herself and I just … I don’t know how she’s doing, to be honest. ”

Bristowe continued, praising Lindsay for her composure and grace during the interview, which she said was “really shocking to me.”

Johnson spoke before and after Harrison’s apology Wednesday night. In his post Thursday, the Bachelorette student wrote: “When we give mercy, grace and compassion to those whose actions caused harm, but not to the injured who cannot remain silent, it fuels the anger that divides us.”

“Always stand up for what is right. 1968, 2018, 2020, 2021: For every year that harm was done, we shine the light. Call it ‘wake-up police’ or call it responsibility. The choice is yours,” he continued. “Accountability is tough love, but love nonetheless. Speak up for your fellow men.”

Jubilee Sharpe, who appeared on Ben Higgins’s season of The Bachelor, wrote on Twitter: “I wish I could say that this interview of Chris Harrison and his defense of racist behavior was shocking … but it is not. Thank goodness he’s retiring. 🤷‍♀️”

“Chris Harrison said we shouldn’t judge her for going to a plantation themed party because ‘we weren’t as awake then as we are now.’ Pic is from 2018, “wrote Diggy Moreland, who appeared on Lindsay’s season of High school. “I graduated in 2009. If I find out that one of my friends went to a party like that, I’ll slap them on the spot.”

“Aye Chris: Do you know how many different kinds of parties there are to have in college? Tons. Choosing to have a party theme that was apparently banned by the College / Sorority is a choice. Not to mention the human decency of not having a party centered in slavery, “he added.

Nick Viall added on his Instagram story: “After watching Chris’s very disappointing and damaging interview with Rachel, I have spent the last two days talking to many people from the Bachelor Nation, including those involved. This is a learning moment for everyone. It may be. It is uncomfortable to acknowledge our own ignorance, but without recognition there can be no responsibility and growth. ”

He continued, “I think my friend Chris can learn from it and improve. Rachel, thank you for your voice, grace and most of all friendship.”

Khaylah Epps, who participated in the current season of The Bachelor, tweeted, “Yesterday was incredibly disturbing. Watching someone do gymnastics to try to excuse racist behavior is inexcusable and a direct slap in the face.”

“And just on personal shit, the way I am portrayed on ATE TV. I. LIVE for weeks after I go home because I know ‘grace’ never extends to black women. So to see who is deserves ‘Grace’ and who doesn’t? K, “he added.

She also posted a message shared by him Single The cast of season 25, including Kirkconnell, denounce “any defense of racist behavior.”

Single Alumni Bekah Martinez and Kendall Long also spoke out against Harrison’s comments on Instagram, while many other Bachelor Nation members directed fans to Taylor Nolan’s posts.

“Just because YOU didn’t think it was racism before 2020 does NOT mean it wasn’t,” he shared, in part.

Others expressed their condemnation of Harrison’s interview via likes on social media.

In his statement Tuesday, Harrison also apologized to “my friend Rachel Lindsay for not listening to her better on a subject she knows firsthand.”

“[I] “I humbly thank the members of the Bachelor Nation who have reached out to me to hold me accountable,” he concluded. “I promise to do better.”


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