Justine Bateman talks about aging in Hollywood and the mistake of Googling her own (exclusive) name

Justine Bateman is opening up about how a “big mistake” led her to reconsider how she views aging and beauty. The new book of the actress and director, Face: One square foot of skin, released Tuesday, and an interview with ET’s Nischelle Turner explained how it came to be.

“I made the mistake of googling my name and the autocomplete was, ‘Justine Bateman looks old,'” Bateman revealed. “I’m 55 now, I was about 41 at the time, and that really baffled me.”

“Instead of thinking, ‘Oh, they’re wrong and I’m right,’ I decided they were right and I was wrong. And that was my fatal misstep, because that really affected me deeply.” “It was a big mistake to do that.”

Bateman was 16 when he found fame in Family ties, playing Mallory, the sister of Michael J. Fox’s character. Throughout his decades in Hollywood, Bateman has seen more of an “emphasis” on the appearance of women than on the appearance of male stars, such as his brother, Jason Bateman. She hopes to change that by encouraging women to step away from fillers and filters, and embrace her natural face.

“Now a lot of young women look at older women in the public eye … and they see their faces cut and they inject plastic, toxins and everything, so if you’re 20, 25 years old, you look at that and you say, ‘Oh, I guess that’s what I have to do, ‘”Bateman said. “Or you see these women who seem to be afraid of looking older and then you think, ‘Oh, I don’t want to put the breaks, because I don’t want to be afraid. I don’t want that to be my future.'”

Bateman’s new book, Face, is a collection of 47 short stories about what it means to grow old and the emotions that come with it. It is based on interviews you conducted.

“One of the things I found when I was doing interviews is that there are couples in which, if the woman has not undergone plastic surgery, it reflects badly on the man,” she shared, offering an example: “Now she has someone that it looks like it could do some work and hasn’t done any work. ‘Are you having trouble with your finances?’ ”

Since his time as a child star, Bateman has written two books, directed movies, and earned a degree in Computer Science at the age of 50. Looking back at his first ET interview as a teenager, Bateman became excited and noted that he ended up doing “a lot of things” that his younger self aspired to do.

“I’m glad to see myself different,” he said. “When I look in the mirror, I know what I have achieved.”

“People who comment on my face online, they do, they keep doing it. I don’t care because you’re talking about yourself. You’re not talking about me,” Bateman said. “This is how I want to live.”

Face: One square foot of skin It is now available.


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