Judge orders Emma Coronel to be kept in prison

A judge in the United States, ordered that Emma colonel, wife Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, remain in detention to face the drug trafficking charge.

El Chapo’s sentimental partner, appeared in a video conference before a judge in the City of Washington. At that moment heard the charges you are facing; which are conspiring to distribute cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and marijuana in the United States.

During the hearing, was informed that she will remain in prison and without access to bail for the duration of the trial to which it will be submitted.

The arrest of Colonel took place at Dulles Airport in Virginia; she was later transferred to the Alexandria Detention Center.

The luxuries and eccentricities of Emma Coronel, El Chapo's wife
Since opening her TikTok account, the model shows videos of the luxurious life and eccentricities that she lives. Image: Instagram @emmacoronell_fans

The former model is accused of drug trafficking, since according to a statement by the FBI agent, Eric McGuire, during 2012 to 2014, Emma Coronel was Joaquín Guzmán’s link with members of the Sinaloa Cartel, thus keeping the drug trafficking activities of the criminal group active.

“I think Colonel acted as a messenger between Guzmán and his soldiers, partners and children, ”wrote McGuire. “I also understand that Guzmán continued to direct the drug trafficking activities of the Sinaloa Cartel from the Altiplano prison through various individuals, including Coronel.”

Emma Coronel is accused of helping El Chapo escape

In addition, Coronel is accused of having helped El Chapo escape from Altiplano prison, in Almoloya de Juárez in Mexico in 2017.

Since according to the agent, a protected witness would have received $ 100,000 from her to buy a property near the Altiplano. After Guzmán’s escape, he would have received a million dollars.

The process will take place in the United States, where the authorities seek to punish Coronel for his support of the drug traffickers.

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