Juanes and Carla Morrison participate in the transmission of the landing on Mars

Juanes and Carla Morrison will participate in the “Together We Persevere” program. This is the official program in Spanish prior to the landing of NASA’s Perseverance robot on Mars.

It is the first time that NASA has carried out a program in Spanish for a planetary landing. The “Together We Persevere” program begins at 2:30 pm ET. Landing is expected to be at 3:55 pm ET. The broadcast will be available on the agency’s website and on its social networks in Spanish: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

“Together we persevere” will host the engineer from Perseverance, Diana Trujillo. A prerecorded section will include interviews with Hispanic NASA scientists, engineers and astronauts. Also a children’s segment in collaboration with Sesame Street. In addition, prominent figures from the entertainment world, such as Morrison and Juanes, as well as students and journalists, will send messages of support.

“I am very proud of NASA’s efforts to better share the excitement of the Perseverance rover landing with the almost 500 million Spanish speakers in the world“Said Bhayva Lal, Acting NASA Chief of Staff. “’Juntos perseveramos’ is NASA’s first Spanish language program for a historic landing on another planet and will show the diversity of the NASA team after Mars 2020 “.

Juanes and Carla Morrison will be part of the first broadcast in Spanish of a NASA mission

There are many Latinos involved (in the mission) which I think is something very interesting and important for the new generations ”, said Morrison in an interview with AP. The artist dreamed of being an astronaut and enjoys seeing the Moon through telescopes.

“Anyone who dreams of having a space at NASA, in science. It is important to see ourselves represented because that’s what inspires us and helps us dream as individuals, ”added Morrison.

“Excited to be able to witness in life one of the greatest achievements of mankind and that it will also help bring us closer to the red planet as a species, “Juanes said in a statement Tuesday.

“I celebrate the contributions that so many Latinos have made to NASA’s effort”added the artist. His album “My plans are to love you” represents a trip from Mars to Earth in which Juanes plays an astronaut whose mission is to get closer to the source of his inspiration: love.

The Mars 2020 mission finally reaches the red planet after being launched on July 30 of last year. Its main function is to search for signs of past microbial life, as well as to collect rock and regolith samples (rock fragments and minerals) for future shipment to earth.

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