José José: They finally reveal who their universal heir is

Two years after José José’s death, it is revealed who his universal heir is. On Monday, April 5, the testament of the so-called “Prince of song” was read in Mexico City.

The universal heiress of the Mexican singer is Anel Noreña, his ex-wife and mother of his first-born, José Joel and Marysol Sosa. These data are confirmed by José Joel, his son, who is also a singer. “We read and it was legally and juridically agreed that there is no other will and that Mrs. Ana Elena Noreña Grass is the universal heir,” said Joel.

Anel Noreña Image: @anel_norenamx

Noreña is the legal owner of all of José José’s assets, including the singer’s name. This as long as a new testament does not appear.

“Today legally and juridically your word and your will were ruled. I am your universal heir, to a legacy we build together. What happiness, what joy, what joy ”, said Noreña on her Instagram account

“Thank you, thank you and more thanks Pepe, because from heaven you put your family before everything and everyone else,” he mentioned along with another photograph of the family.

José José’s will has been the cause of family conflicts

Since the death of the singer, his three children, José Joel, Marysol and Sara Sosa, daughter of the singer’s third marriage. According to his daughter Sara, there is another will in the United States, so the one mentioned in Mexico may not be valid.

But his half brother sends him a message in which he assures that there is another more recent will and that is the one in Mexico. “Let him keep looking, let him entertain himself in that, in what he releases his album and we will see later what is next,” said José Joel.

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