JonOne’s painting is ruined by couple; it costs $ 360,000

A couple in South Korea ruined a painting by American artist JonOne, for which they were detained by the police; However, they assured that it was the fault of a misunderstanding, since they thought it was a collaborative work.

Young people visited an art gallery in Seoul, where the work that has a value of more than $ 360,000. But in front of her there were paints, brushes and other materials to paint, so they thought that the work could be intervened.

That is how they used these implements to leave your mark At the construction site, the security cameras caught them red-handed, but no one noticed until closing time, when they observed the “contribution” of the couple.

In the images you can see the young people painting without any concern with green ink, leaving a couple of strokes, which apparently, they really thought was a contribution to the work.

Museum authorities called the police and detained the couple, who said they thought JonOne’s painting was a collaborative work.

“We immediately called the Police and they took the paint pot and the brush as evidence (…) They confessed that they thought it was allowed to paint on the work, and that it was a mistake. We are seeing with the artist what to do about it“, He commented in an interview to ABC News, Kang Wok.

Misunderstood with the painting of JonOne

It seems that everything is a misunderstanding; however, it is not yet known what will happen to the young couple. It is also not known whether the artist will take any action against them.

However, the misunderstanding may be understandable, since the material that the artist used was being exhibited and it looked like it had been used recently, but the idea was simply for people to see what the painting was made with.

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