JoJo Siwa introduces Girlfriend on their 1st anniversary

JoJo Siwa is showing love to his girlfriend on their first anniversary. On Monday, the 17-year-old star introduced his fans to his girlfriend while celebrating the milestone in their relationship, saying that she is the happiest he has ever been.

Siwa declared herself a member of the LGBTQ + community in January, when she wore a t-shirt that read: “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.”, Then she retweeted and liked posts from fans and celebrities who praised her for being a part of the LGBTQ + community. . Last week, during his appearance on Tonight’s Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, revealed that he has a girlfriend, but did not reveal his identity. But on Monday, Siwa shared photos of her and her girlfriend, as well as a video of them playing Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”, tagging it in his post.

“After being my best friend for over a year, on January 8, 2021 I started calling this exceptional human my girlfriend … and since then I have been happier than ever!” Siwa wrote. “Seriously, she is the most loving, caring, happy, protective person and the most beautiful perfect person in the world. And I can call her mine! Happy a month to my girl! I love you more and more every day! ❤️”

Last month, Siwa thanked her fans for “the most infinite amount of love and support” after coming out.

“I am very very happy!” he said in an Instagram video. “And now that the world sees this side of my life, it makes me very, very happy. Now that I have to share that with the world, it’s amazing … I want people to know that there is so much love in the world and it’s so incredible! “

“Someone said, ‘What label are you?’ And you know, I’ve thought about this and the reason I’m not ready to say this answer is because I don’t really know this answer, “she continued. “I think humans are amazing. I think humans are really amazing people.”


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