JoJo Siwa Hugs His Girlfriend Kylie at Disney World: Photos!

JoJo Siwa and his girlfriend are spending time in the happiest place on Earth! The 17-year-old Dance moms The student took to Instagram on Sunday to share photos of her and her girlfriend Kylie Prew’s trip to Disney World.

In one clip, Siwa and Prew happily hug each other as they take a ride at the Vintage Amphicar in Disney Springs. At Splash Mountain, the pair got closer once more, and Prew gave the camera a thumbs up as he sits with his arm around Siwa.

During their trip, the couple also went silly at the theme park and posed for a photo with the rest of their group.

“I’m happy 🙂 so so so happy,” Siwa wrote in her post.

Siwa came out of the closet as part of the LGBTQ community in January. After sharing the news, Siwa thanked her followers for “the most infinite amount of love and support.”

“I am really, really, happy!” she said. “And now that the world sees this side of my life, it makes me very, very happy. Now that I have to share that with the world, it’s amazing … I want people to know that there is so much love in the world and it’s so amazing! “

In February, Siwa publicly shared Prew’s identity for the first time in honor of their month-long anniversary.

“Seriously, he is the most loving, supportive, happy, protective person and simply the most beautiful perfect person in the world,” Siwa wrote in part of Prew. “And I can call her mine! Happy a month to my girl! I love you more and more every day!”

During the 32nd GLAAD Media Awards earlier this month, Siwa once again expressed her love for Prew.

“I have the best, most amazing and wonderful girlfriend in the whole world who makes me so, so, so happy,” he said, before encouraging people to love those they love.

“If you want to fall in love with a girl, if you want to fall in love with a boy, if you want to fall in love with someone who is them, them or not binary, that’s incredible.” she said. “Love is amazing. You can be in love with whoever you want to be in love with, and it should be celebrated.”

As for how he feels after coming out of the closet, Siwa told him People that she is simply “proud to be me.”

“I have never received so much support from the world,” he said. “I think this is the first time I’ve felt so happy personally. Acting has always made me super happy. But for the first time, personally, I’m like, wow, happy.”


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