Johnny Depp receives setback in lawsuit with Amber Heard

The actor Johnny depp suffered a severe setback in his lawsuit with Amber heard and with the newspaper The Sun, as the appeal against the English publication was denied.

The newspaper called Depp a “wife abuser” after accusations made by his ex-partner Amber Heard. After this, the actor filed a lawsuit, because for these accusations he was forced to leave the Fantastic Beasts franchise. However, the trial turned out against him, as there was evidence to ensure that the accusations were real.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that a court in the United Kingdom, denied the challenge of the decision of the Supreme Court in the defamation lawsuit.

“The reasons for proposed appeal have a reasonable prospect of success, “commented the judge; who however gave him until December 7, 2020 to submit an application to the appeals court.

Johnny Depp loses lawsuit against tabloid that called him
Calling Depp a “battering husband,” The Sun reported that the actor had assaulted Heard 14 times in different parts of the world. Images: The Associated Press

Deep made this appeal, but the court again agreed with The Sun, so the defamation case against the newspaper was permanently lost.

Following the decision, Johnny Depp’s lawyers released a statement “” The evidence presented at the hearing shows that there are clear and objective reasons to seriously challenge the decision made in the UK court. Mr. Depp hopes to present the complete and irrefutable evidence of the truth in her defamation case in the United States against Mrs. Heard ”.

Despite everything, Johnny Depp insists on proving his innocence in the case against Amber Heard, where both actors have accused each other of violence.

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