John Legend Shares the Easter Bunny Dance with his daughter Luna on Sweet Post – Look!

The Easter Bunny arrived earlier this year! John Legend donned a traditional Easter Bunny costume to surprise his little girl, Luna, and the couple shared a cute dad-daughter dance.

In a video Legend posted to Instagram on Saturday, the EGOT winner is dressed in a head-to-toe bunny costume and is hanging out with his 4-year-old on a backyard deck.

As the couple dance to Estelle’s “American Boy” (which, fun fact, Legend helped create, write, and produce), Luna steps up to Legend’s legs with both feet and he spins her around as he moves to the tune .

After a few turns, Luna jumps up and adorably points to the Easter Bunny, declaring, “Ha ha! You’re daddy!”

Legend sweetly captioned the cute video, “She knew it was me.”

Legend then shared another snapshot of himself, in a bunny costume, with his lovely wife Chrissy Teigen sitting sweetly on his lap.

“She suspected that I did too,” Legend captioned in the post.

Meanwhile, Teigen shared a quartet of similar snapshots, which turned out to be surprisingly romantic and heartfelt as she sat on the lap of her husband, the Easter Bunny, and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Teigen captioned the slideshow simply, “My Bunny.”

The couple and their adorable children, including their 2-year-old son Miles, celebrated Easter a little earlier. The royal holiday falls on Sunday, April 4.

To learn more about Luna’s past clashes with the legendary Easter Bunny, check out the adorable video below.


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