Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Jimmy Fallon’s pizza making and starts the night wars

The night wars are on! Earlier this week, Jimmy Fallon decided to make his own pizza after taking inspiration from Stanley Tucci’s new travel food show. Stanley Tucci: Looking for Italy. But Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t about to let his fellow host of the night declare that he had made “the best pizza ever.” In an effort to raise money for No hungry child With friendly competition, Kimmel decided to give her own tutorial on how to make a pizza.

“I cannot with a clear conscience remain silent,” Kimmel captioned in the video. “While @JimmyFallon makes ‘pizza’ – to vote for Fallon’s sad, misshapen stain, make a $ 5 donation to @NoKidHungry by texting FALLON at 877877 – to vote for my beautiful cake, make a donation of $ 5 to @NoKidHungry by texting KIMMEL at 877877. #LATENIGHTWARSAREBACK “.

“I also know Stanley Tucci, and he is a friend of mine, and you, my friend, are not Stanley Tucci,” said the 53-year-old host of Jimmy Kimmel Live He stated in a retaliation video on his own page.

He went on to point out various errors Tonight’s show The host did on his pizza build, including, “Real pizza doesn’t roll with a pin because it takes all the air out of it! Real pizza stretches.”

Kimmel came out swinging and added, “I don’t want to hear about extra cheese. If you ask for extra cheese, you’re an animal, go eat at Domino’s.”

Although Fallon used a small portable pizza oven, Kimmel used an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven.

“By the way, that little waffle maker you made your pizza with, it was adorable,” Kimmel joked. “But this is a pizza oven. This is where the pizza is made.”

After cooking her cake for the appropriate time, Kimmel took a bite of it and declared, “Much better than yours. Much better. Not that I ever had yours. I know.”

When Kimmel’s wife and cameraman, Molly McNearney, tried to greet Fallon’s wife, Nancy Juvonen, Kimmel chimed in saying, “Don’t talk to the enemy, these are night wars now.”


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