Jimmy Fallon Celebrates 7 Years On ‘The Tonight Show’ With His “Favorite Co-Hosts”

Jimmy Fallon is celebrating 7 years of Tonight’s program.

The 46-year-old late-night talk show host commemorated the historic moment on Instagram Wednesday, sharing a snapshot of himself and his two daughters, Winnie, 7, and Frances, 6, whom he shares with his wife, Nancy. Juvonen.

In the shot, the trio crawls across the floor of their home, where Fallon now presents the show, surrounded by tons of colorful celebratory balloons.

“A lot can happen in 7 years. Thank you for inviting me to your living rooms and phones. Celebrating @Fallontonight’s anniversary with my favorite co-hosts!” Fallon wrote.

Fallon’s daughters have been an integral part of the series, especially since she moved into production home due to the coronavirus pandemic. They have even interrupted the show once or twice.

Fallon interviewed Ethan Hawke via video chat in May about his upcoming miniseries. The good lord bird.

Although the 49-year-old actor managed to promote the project a bit, things got derailed when Jimmy’s daughters started laughing off camera.

“Are your children interrupting our interview?” Ethan jokingly chided once he heard the giggles. “I have my kids in the other room, man. I take my job seriously Jimmy!”

It wasn’t long before the Fallon girls appeared on camera, clambering up their father’s lap and onto the table to block his face from view.

“Hi! How are you? You have to meet my daughter,” Ethan said to the girls as they continued to smile and laugh.

Jimmy put an end to the madness then, picking up his daughters and pulling them out of the camera while saying, “I love you. Have fun at school. Bye, bye, bye. Take care of yourself. Bye.”

The late-night host has been known to share a lot of personal moments on the show and we honestly think he’s only made us love him more.

For many more years of laughter, family interruptions, and viral videos.

In 2014, Fallon took over the hosting functions of The show tonight by Jay Leno, moving the Los Angeles nighttime show to its original New York home.


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