Jennifer Lopez’s daughter receives guitar lessons from Lenny Kravitz

Living in the world of show business has its advantages, you meet successful, extraordinary people and you can boast that you rub shoulders with the most exclusive of art, cinema, theater and even music, as the daughter of Jennifer Lopez.

JLo and Marc Anthony’s children are already teenagers

Remember that JLo she had twins next to Marc Anthony, who turned 13 years ago a few days ago and their mother surprised them with several surprises, from having breakfast in bed, to telling them how she carried them in her arms when leaving the hospital.

“My beautiful babies are now teenagers! I can’t believe 13 years have passed since I carried them home in my arms in the middle of a snowstorm, “the interpreter commented.

“It has been the most magical journey full of adventure and joy since then … I am feeling so many emotions this morning,” added the singer.

JLo’s daughter receives exclusive guitar lessons from Lenny Kravitz

But there was a detail that few would have the pleasure of having, at least for a mere mortal, but Emme took a special guitar lesson with rock star Lenny Kravitz, who had the detail at the request of JLo.

“You need to be careful. The difficult thing is to place the little finger here and not touch the neck ”, explains the rocker patiently in one of the videos that the Bronx diva has shared in her Stories.

Emme bragged about performing at the Super Bowl

Remember that Emme is the one who has shown the most interest in following in her parents’ footstepsHe even boasts of having performed with Jennifer at the Super Bowl intermission a year ago.

On the other hand, his brother Max has also dared to try something new now by receiving his first singing lesson virtually under the tutelage of vocal coach Stevie Mackey, who has worked with her mother and other pop stars like Selena Gomez.

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