Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Ageless Paul Rudd In Sweet 52nd Birthday Post

Paul Rudd is celebrating his 52nd birthday and looking better than ever.

The Ant Man The star was honored on her birthday and Tuesday for her timeless appearance by Jennifer Aniston and several of her famous friends and co-stars. First Friends The star took to Instagram Story to share a photo of the two, along with a sweet message.

“Happy birthday #PaulRudd! You don’t get old, which is strange, but we celebrate you anyway,” she wrote along with three red heart emojis. The two worked on the 1998 film The object of my affectionas well as 2012 Travelling passion. They also co-starred in Friends, when he played Mike Hannigan, Phoebe’s husband and love interest.

Mark Ruffalo also took note of Rudd’s never-aging appearance, posting a photo of the birthday boy in his Ant-Man suit and wearing the infinity stone gauntlet.

“Happy birthday Paul Rudd! Did I find the secret behind your eternal youth? 🤔” Ruffalo wrote in his photo.

Elizabeth Banks also wished her “favorite on-screen boyfriend / brother forever” a happy birthday.

ET spoke to Rudd in late 2019, where he reflected on his decades-long career and explained how, despite massive success, acting doesn’t define him.

“It is not my life. My life is my life and this is an aspect of my life,” he said. “It’s a funny, crazy, weird way of making a living and it’s a fun job and I care a lot about it … but it’s not the number one thing in my life. It’s part of it and I always try and remember to appreciate things and recognize how crazy it is. ”

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