Jeffree Star with broken back after car accident: “I’m in extreme pain”

Internet star Jeffree Star was in a car accident on the roads of Wyoming, after which He was hospitalized and now the influencer said he has a broken back.

From his Instagram account, the Los Angeles native has given the details of the accident you suffered while driving your Rolls Royce.

After telling that he was hospitalized, the youtuber pointed out that he is in extreme pain because he has some broken vertebrae.

I am very grateful to be alive. I am in extreme pain because part of my back is broken, I have fractures in the vertebra, in my spine, “he said.

Also, the makeup artist said that, according to his doctor, it will take a few months for you to recover properly.

Jeffree Star was riding alongside his best friend, Daniel Lucas, who was in the passenger seat.

Daniel has internal injuries and because he is a colon cancer survivor he is having complications with his organs. They are monitoring it 24 hours a day. We will keep you posted, ”Star emphasized.

According to Daniel, both he and Jeffree Star, who has a broken back, are being treated at Wyoming Medical Center.

Jeffree star He has not yet told the reasons why they were crashed and it is unknown if they were going at high speed.

However, this Friday they pointed out that it was due to the black ice that was on the road and that they turned around 3 times in the Rolls Royce.

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