Jake Paul wants to fight Canelo, this is how Logan Paul reacted

Siblings, internet celebrities, Jake and Logan Paul became a trend, after the youngest of them, Jake Paul says he wants to fight Canelo Álvarez.

Given this, the older brother of young entrepreneurs and influencers, Logan Paul was not thrilled.

Through a YouTube video, uploaded by Shooting Stars, Paul reacted when he left an establishment.

Jake doesn’t want to fight Canelo. I will not let my brother fight with Canelo ”, he answered when asked what he thought of the confrontation.

Nevertheless, Jake Paul addressed the Canelo, after several haters attacked him because his fans interrupted an interview with the Mexican boxer.

Also, Jake mocked Canelo Álvarez for his contract dispute with DAZN and Golden Boy Promotions.

Haters who have said that I am disrespecting the sport. Haters who are supposed to be the biggest draw in boxing, but who can’t fulfill their contract because the media company wasn’t getting the ROI.

Haters like Canelo Álvarez, a damn hater. I have been in this sport for two years, you have been for 18 years, however my pay goes up and yours goes down. So focus on yourself and your brand and keep my name out of your mouth, ”Paul lashed out on Insagram.

Who are Logan and Jake Paul, who wants to fight Canelo?

Native to Ohio, brothers Logan and Jake Paul started out as internet celebrities.

Both began to gain popularity through the defunct Vine platform and, later, through their YouTube channels, where they shared humorous content.

Logan Paul continued to develop as an actor and has appeared in series such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Valley girl, The Thinning and Space Between Us, among other.

Actually, 25 year old Logan, he also started developing his own clothing brand, called Maverick, in honor of his parrot.

In Youtube, Logan has more than 22.9 million subscribers, while on Instagram it has more than 18.9 million fans.

For its part, Jake Paul, 24, also began his career on YouTube and through acting.

Jake participated in the series of Disney Bizaardvarkas well as in the YouTube movie Dance camp.

For two years, Jake has been practicing boxing and on April 17 he will have his first fight.

In Instagram has more than 14.7 million followers, Meanwhile in YouTube has more than 20.3 million subscribers.

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