J Balvin is expecting his first child with the model Valentina Ferrer

The exponents of reggaeton are the new rockstars in the world of music, everything that happens around their lives is in the public interest and now, parenting seems to be in fashion among them.

First, Maluma would have shown signs of being a father soon, thanks to some images on Instagram, but finally it was only about promoting part of his latest musical release.

Congratulations! J Balvin is expecting his first child with the model Valentina Ferrer

Now, another exponent of reggaeton seems to show signs of paternity, it is about J Balvin, who would already be waiting for his first-born along with his girlfriend, Valentina Ferrer, who would already have signs of a possible pregnancy.

The couple has been surprised these days walking together through the city of Los Angeles and, despite the fact that the Argentine model wore very loose sportswear, her condition was more than evident in what would be her fifth month of gestation.

Who confirmed the pregnancy of Valentina Ferrer?

This was confirmed in the program El Gordo and La Flaca, where they say that J Balvin she has kept the arrival of her first child a secret and away from the cameras.

Future dads have been very jealous of their privacy, it’s rare to see them together at a public event, so seeing them together on the street is also a delight for the paparazzi.

A relationship that has grown stronger over time

Let us remember that this comes to strengthen ties more firmly between J Balvin and Valentina Ferrer, since at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 they went through a sentimental crisis that took them to give themselves “a time”.

Eventually, the couple reconciled and Balvin surprised his girl last September with a birthday party in which she was able to reunite with her family in Colombia.

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