J Balvin and Khalid premiere “Otra Noche Sin Ti”

The singers J Balvin Y Khalid They premiered on April 9 at midnight the video clip of their collaboration “Otra Noche Sin Ti”.

With more than 17 thousand viewers connected simultaneously, J Balvin released a new single that will be part of his next record production.

In the new video clip, J Balvin Y Khalid they sing on a stage that recreates dark and profane environments.

Balvin wears a skirt in some scenes, following the style adopted by some rappers such as Bad Bunny.

At the moment, the Colombian has released three songs from his new album: “Ma ‘G”, “Tu Veneno” and now “Otra Noche Sin Ti”.

“Otra Noche Sin Ti” is the first single released in collaboration with another voice and nothing better than that of Khalid, who he enriched the song with his R&B style.

The other two songs previously released by J Balvin have millions of views on YouTube and are available on different platforms streaming.

“Ma ‘G”, a rap whose video clip was recorded in Colombia, has more than 15 million views on YouTube, while “Tu Veneno” exceeds 16 million views.

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