“It’s not the only one”; young man denounces that Vicente Fernández also touched his aunt

After a TikTok video where a user exhibits how Vicente Fernández touches her in an unusual way when taking a photo with him, a second young woman denounced how “Chente” also touched her aunt in the same way.

The user Miranda Hernández shared a video where the photo of the singer appears along with his aunt and another young man. The interpreter of “Mujeres Divinas” also hugs the woman at chest level.

@mirandahernandezz#stitch with @trplexxx q pervertid0 the old man came out👍🏻 #Vicente Fernandez #fyp #vicente♬ Oh No – Kreepa

“She is not the only one, my aunt too. “How perverted the old man was,” wrote the whistleblower Miranda Hernández on her TikTok profile.

The event occurred in the same place where the first video that went viral was taken, the “rancho los 3 colts”, owned by Vicente Fernández and where the singer attends to his followers.

The first controversial video of Vicente Fernández

In the first video that went viral, a girl appears along with a woman and a minor. At the time of the photo, Vicente Fernandez he hugs the young woman at the height of her rib and you can see how her hand rises to her chest.

The publication of the user, named Lex in TikTok, went viral immediately, generating controversy among Internet users who criticized the “Charro de Huentintán” and those who defended him.

Noticing that many people sided with Vicente Fernandez, the young woman decided to give an explanation of what happened.

“The reason I don’t seem to be upset is not because I liked it, but because I didn’t realize her hand was there until I saw the photo with my mom.

After that I felt super violated, super angry. He’s a pervert and for some reason everyone is defending him. I fight with my traumas through humor and sarcasm, everyone has their ways and this is mine.

It is a serious matter and that is why I am making this post. I don’t care if it’s Vicente Fernández, he shouldn’t touch my body without my permission much less in that area. I’m sure other women have been through this situation, ”Lex explained in another video.

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