Is Paulina Rubio bankrupt? They criticize her for selling greetings online

Paulina Rubio became a trend and the fact is that the Mexican artist has sold greetings on the Internet, a situation for which she has been criticized and even accused of being bankrupt.

The artist’s mother, Susana Dosamantes pointed out that her daughter, like many other people in the world, has faced the economic ravages of the pandemic.

I believe that all work that is honored is good, because as she is not a person who has married a billionaire or inherited my multimillions, we are working people, like everyone else and we have to work, “said Susana Dosamantes.

Due to this situation, like many other celebrities, “La Chica Dorada” has chosen to market your greetings through a platform called Cameo and where personalities such as Steve Harvey, Krysten Ritter, Paula abdul, Lindsay Lohan Y Chuck Norris, among other celebrities.

I think it is commendable that he does something healthy, decent and correct. I am very sorry for people who criticize. They must be millionaires and they must be scratching their guts lying there.

When you don’t work on a pandemic, like everyone else, it’s hard, it’s a nightmare for the world, not for us, ”said Susana Dosamantes in a meeting with the media.

In addition, his mother, who went to a television station in Mexico to review job proposals, pointed out that it is important to recognize the work and effort of mothers and of the people who raise their children day by day.

She is a good girl who supports her children and is a great artist. You have to applaud her and as a woman support (support) all the mothers ”, emphasized the actress.

Various media and people have accused Paulina Rubio of being bankrupt, because a few weeks ago she was facing the collection of a debt with a credit institution, in addition to the fact that it was revealed that she could not pay the taxes on her residence in Miami.

How to buy Paulina Rubio’s greetings and how much do they cost?

If you are a fan of Paulina Rubio and would like to receive one of her greetings, you just have to go to the Cameo page, where the actress also cwork 125 dollars (around 2,500 Mexican pesos) to personalize a greeting.

According to the page, the singer takes around 5 days to reply Y has a 4.7 star rating in the app.

For now, here is the interview with Paulina Rubio’s mother, Susana Dosamantes, who assured that her daughter is not bankrupt and defended her work by selling greetings.

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