Inside Rebel Wilson’s ‘Year of Health’ weight loss journey

Rebel Wilson declared that 2020 would be her “Year of health, “and clearly, all your hard work is paying off!

While working on the movie Cats Last December, the 40-year-old actress told ET that she “lost eight pounds in four days” from all the movement and dancing involved in recording her number.

“One, because there is a lot of physicality, but also, [to prevent injury] they heated the set very high, to almost 100 Fahrenheit, so that we could never cool down, “he explained at the time.” They would heat up the set like a sauna so we never got cold, but it made it quite uncomfortable. “

Since then, Wilson has been committed to improving her health and fitness routine, and has taken fans with her on the journey. the Perfect tone star, who has been working with coach Jono CastaΓ±o, debuted with his cutout figure in a post shared on Instagram in August. In a navy blue dress with black flats, Wilson was all smiles as she snapped photos.

“Thank you for all the love so far on my Health Year trip,” she wrote. “When I was looking for the candy last night after dinner I thought to myself ‘hmmmm … better not’ and had a bottle of water in place x 8kg to go until I reached my goal – hope I can do it by the end of year.”

From morning walks to Britney Spears’s “Work B ** ch” …

… to surf lessons in Malibu …

… and bicep exercises using a 4.5-liter bottle of Gray Goose vodka in Monaco, Wilson certainly got a little creative with his workouts to keep them cool and fun.

Two months later, Wilson shared that he was on the verge of reaching his ideal weight of 165 pounds. She revealed on October 4 that she weighed approximately six pounds for the impressive achievement.

“Happy Sunday everyone! Getting ready for a great week ahead,” he shared at the time. “This week was very busy, but I got up very early 3 times (6 am 😜) and went for a walk.”

“I even did a couple of 100m sprints to get my heart rate up even more (although my ‘sprint’ is probably someone else’s ‘slow jog’),” he added. “I was proud of myself and now I only have 3 kg of my ideal weight left!”

And on November 29, Wilson enthusiastically announced via Instagram Stories that he achieved his goal “with a month to spare.”

“Although it’s not about a weight number, it’s about being healthy, I needed a tangible measure to aim for and that was 75kg,” he shared.

However, developing a manageable health and fitness routine isn’t the only thing that seems to make Wilson smile in 2020. The Australian actress has struck up a new romance with Jacob Busch, and we can’t get enough of all the sweet photos she’s been on! sharing about him on social media!

Fans have been showing Wilson a lot of support in recent months for both his weight loss journey and his new relationship. In mid-October, for example, Wilson posted a photo of her and her boyfriend on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The actress wore a black lace swimsuit and sunglasses, while Busch sported Budweiser shorts.

“Hot and spicy,” Wilson captioned it.

“As someone on a weight loss journey, I am incredibly inspired by how amazing you look … the hard work pays off!” one fan commented, with another writing, “Wow gurl! It’s sexy! 😜”

Wilson also shared a video of the two lounging in one of the resort’s pools, appropriately adding James Brown’s “I Feel Good” as the music track.

In another pool photo, of Wilson sporting a bright pink bathing suit and happily throwing her hands in the air, she joked: “I’m ready to step in for Australia in individual synchronized swimming.”

“Arms so toned, look at you !!” By Wilson Perfect tone co-star, Alexis Knapp, excited. “So proud 😍”.

Although Wilson is happy to see the results of her new lifestyle, the actress has been candid with fans throughout her journey, reminding them that this kind of change doesn’t happen overnight. She has shared some of the struggles she has faced (and continues to face) along the way.

“Even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going, it will be worth it,” he wrote in a post shared on Instagram on May 26. “Try to push yourself a little every day … I know some days are frustrating as hell, you feel like giving up, you are bothered by the lack of progress … but good things are ahead.”

“I’ll be honest with you … these things require daily effort and there are constant setbacks,” she added. “But I’m working hard.”

Hear more in the video below.


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