“I’d rather someone who can hit me”: Adrien Broner on violence between Quavo and Saweetie

Video leaked by TMZ allegedly shows rapper Quavo attacking his ex-girlfriend, rapper Saweetie, in an elevator when they were still a couple.

According to TMZ, the images of the fight were obtained from a surveillance camera of an apartment complex in North Hollywood.

According to the entertainment portal, the date of the video is prior to the separation of both rappers and reveals alleged domestic violence attacks between Quavo and Saweetie.

So far, Saweetie had said that the separation occurred over an affair of infidelity that Quavo denied.

However, with the leaked video, the hypotheses change and could expose domestic violence attacks that were not reported to the police.

Adrien Broner supports Quavo and Saweetie video

The controversy regarding the video increased when the boxer Adrien broner he opined on Instagram that he did not see “Nothing bad in that video”.

If you ask me, that’s the love of black people. If my partner and I don’t argue like that, I don’t want her. I’d rather have someone who can hit me while I sleep than take a beautiful woman who sneaks away (…) with another (…) while I sleep. It’s black love for me

Adrien Broner wrote in a controversial post on Instagram that has been criticized by users of the social network.

At the moment, Quavo and Saweetie have not offered any comment.

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