“I kidnapped Kim Kardashian,” defendant reveals how he did it

In 2016 the news that Kim kardashian she had been robbed inside her apartment in Paris, she went around the world and now, one of the accused of the robbery tells in her book “I kidnapped Kim Kardashian” how he did it and the details of what happened.

It’s about Yunice Abbas, who published a book with his version of events.

It was fashion week and, as she herself has narrated, Kim Kardashian heard footsteps in the early morning, but it was strange to her, because her friends, her bodyguard and her sister had just gone out to party and it was too early for them to return. .

He knew immediately that something was wrong and it was. Subjects disguised as policemen put a gun on her, tied her up and told her not to yell or do anything.

Kim wondered if she would die that night and she was worried that when she returned, her sister would discover her body on the floor.

Although these details have already been told by the television star, now Abbas completes the other side of the story.

Who is Yunice Abbas, author of “I Kidnapped Kim Kardashian and what does he tell in his book?

Currently, the defendant is 67 years old, with two children and three grandchildren and emphasizes that he did not know the victim, he only knew that he was a famous person, but the next day, when he saw the media coverage that he had had, he regretted what they had done.

The group of assailants was known as “the gang of yayos”, because its members were between 60 and 72 years old, an image that they took advantage of so as not to arouse suspicion by going around the place and examining the exact time they would carry out the assault.

What interested us was his diamond. That was what attracted us. He had pictures with him everywhere, ”Abbas says in his book, about the engagement ring that rapper Kanye West had given him.

However, the surprise came when they found many more jewels, some of them on loan from luxury homes.

Abbas, the author of “I Kidnapped Kim Kardashian” (“J’ai sequestré Kim Kardashian”) was in charge of threatening the janitor, handcuffing him and translating into English what his henchmen said.

Abbas is reported to have spent close to 21 years in jail, due to other attractions in the past, and said that if he met the television star, he would apologize, although she probably would not accept.

As he has said, the criminal needed the money to open a mechanical workshop and received about $ 84,000 for the robbery of Kim Kardashian.

Yunice Abbas is provisionally released, while awaiting one more trial for the robbery of the socialite, however, he is aware that he could return to jail.

If you are interested in reading the book “I kidnapped Kim Kardashian”, written by Yunice Abbas, one of those responsible for the theft, you can buy it at Amazon.

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