I have been the love of Luis MIguel’s whole life

The second season of the series Luis Miguel has asked many questions on the air, above all, in the romances that the singer has had and which have not been few, but there is one in particular of which there are not many details.

Some time Luis Miguel and Lucía Méndez were a couple, That’s right, when the singer was at the top of the popularity charts, El Sol had an affair with her, but it was never known how long they lasted, much less when they ended.

Who confirmed the romance between Luis Miguel and Lucía Méndez?

This romance between Luis Miguel and Lucía Méndez was confirmed in the book “Oro de Rey” by Javier León, but El Sol has never publicly said that he had a relationship with the singer.}

Now, how is it fashionable to talk about Luis Miguel and all those people who had a relationship with him are happy to say so, the exception was not Lucía Méndez, who has assured that she is the love of El Sol’s life.

“It was great, but about 10 years later or more it was when he summoned me and told me even what I was going to die of, he was angry with me. Suddenly he told me: ‘For your ego, you are the love of my life’, and I was frozen, “said Méndez.

Lucía Méndez assures that she has been Luis MIguel’s lifelong love

Remember that Lucía Méndez was at least a decade older than Luis Miguel, but that seemed to matter little to the interpreter of 1 + 1 = 2 lovers.

“He was absolutely right, I was the love of his life. I said goodbye to him. We were over 10 years old. Then I went out with Pedro Torres. From a handsome one, I went to an ugly one. I left it for him. Pedro was not handsome, now he is, “agreed the 66-year-old actress.

What’s more, Lucía Méndez revealed that Luis Miguel began an affair with her just before meeting Mariana Yazbek.

Despite ANDl Sun did not want to end the relationship, Lucía Méndez accepted that both reached an agreement and it all ended on good terms.

“Micky was very reserved in his things, he is very special, I was very surprised how quiet he was about his personal matters. Now I’m watching his series, so I think my way of being crazy and making him laugh helped him. I think he had fun too. There was a lot of passion too. He is a very good lover. He touched me in his best years ”, he explained.

Did anyone know this story between the two celebrities?