Hugh Grant: “since I’m old and ugly, they don’t offer me charming roles”

Hugh Grant assures that he does not believe he has a dark side, simply as he is “old and ugly” they no longer offer you romantic and charming leading roles. And he is satisfied with this new stage in his career. “Rather, I’m glad it’s like that,” he reveals in an interview with The Associated Press. “They offer me some very interesting things.”

The 60-year-old actor has put a complete twist on that image. Now competes for another Golden Globe, for the HBO series “The Undoing.” In it he plays a wealthy pediatric oncologist in Manhattan, who happens to be a murderous psychopath.

Hugh Grant:
In this image released by HBO, Hugh Grant, Noma Dumezweni and Nicole Kidman in a scene from “The Undoing.” (HBO via AP).

Over the years, Grant has found his darker side, at least on screen. Romantic comedies are no longer an option for him, And his role in “The Undoing” is not his first villain role in the movies.

In “A very English scandal”, Grant played Jeremy Thorpe, the real-life British political leader who was tried on charges of conspiracy to murder his former lover. He also played the villain in the children’s film “Paddington 2”.

Hugh Grant was nominated for the Golden Globes for the sixth time

Hugh Grant received a Golden Globe in 1995 for his role in “Four Weddings Even Funeral.” He has now received the sixth Golden Globe nomination. and chatted with the AP from his home in London, where their children take classes remotely.

If he receives the award this year, the actor would certainly not complain about his good luck: “I am very lucky,” he says. “But anyone who has the kids at home studying remotely for much of the year deserves a little boost to morale. If you want me to make a paper snowflake for you, I can make you a really nice one. In fact, I really like doing them. I’ve also been learning about the equatorial zones of the world with my 8-year-old son, ”says Grant.

With information from The Associated Press

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