How and when will the Nintendo Direct 2021 be a special event?

Nintendo has many surprises for gamers and their fans around the world, Some of them are already in process and between leaks, rumors and the occasional fake news, we find the official date of the Nintendo Direct.

That’s right friends Put on your favorite outfit from the Japanese brand, as Nintendo revealed the official date of their event where they will show the most significant advances of the brand for the coming months.

The Nintendo Direct 202 will be through Youtube and new news is expected on what the company is preparing for that year.

How and when will the Nintendo Direct, a special event for Gamers be?

There will be excellent news for all gamers in the world, as the Nintendo Direct 2021 will be this February 17 at 5:00 p.m., North Carolina time and one hour before in Mexico City.

Go preparing the food, because the event will last 50 minutes and Super Smash Bros Ultimate is expected to be the protagonist of this appointment with the Japanese company.

What is expected at Nintendo Direct 2021?

It is expected that there is the announcement of a new character for the title Super Smash Bros Ultimate, although anything could happen with Nintendo.

Something that fans are hoping for is big news from Zelda and Pokemon, since they are 35 and 25 years old respectively.

By the way, for him Pokémon 25th Anniversary there will be special contents of Katy Perry and even a Post Malone concert, that’s why we leave you all the info here.

By the way, here we also leave you the direct link so you can enjoy this event:

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