Horacio Pancheri shows off his new relationship, meets his girlfriend

The actor Horacio Pancheri has received strong criticism on social networks, because a little less than a month after the end of his relationship with the actress Marimar Vega was announced, he boasted his new partner.

And it is that, through his Instagram account, where he has more than 2.2 million followers, the histrion of The Game of Keys Y La Mexicana and El G├╝ero shared a picture with his current girlfriend.

In the photograph, Horacio Pancheri appears without a shirt, hugging his partner, while both are lying down and relaxed.

What a beautiful little thing, “wrote the actor in the image, where he also tagged it.

Who is Isa Valero? Horacio Pancheri boasted his new relationship with her

According to his profile on social networks, Isa Valero is originally from Venezuela and lives in Mexico, like the Argentine actor.

According to Isa and her Instagram profile, where she has more than 20,000 followers, she is a lover of architecture, art, food, nature, adventure, sports and philanthropy.

For his part, Valero has published photographs with Pancheri, in which personalities such as Juan Soler, Natalia Subtil and the driver Karla Gomez.

Here we leave you the image shared by Horacio Pancheri with which he showed off his new relationship, tell us if you already knew his girlfriend.

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