Helen Mirren Says She Chased A Bear While Quarantined In Nevada

The Screen Actors Guild Awards honor the best of the best in film and television acting, but no production is complete without a scene stealer. And on this year’s no-frills broadcast of the SAG Awards, that was Helen Mirren, who was apparently in attendance to introduce Outstanding Cast in a Movie, but mostly just shared amazing anecdotes.

Like, for example, when multiple actors shared quarantine stories and Mirren revealed that she chased after a bear while crouching in Nevada.

“I had a little meeting with a bear,” he said. “I was so excited to see a bear, but then of course you can’t let bears get too familiar with humans because they are wild animals. So I chased him away.”

According to the actress, she simply said: “‘Naughty bear, continue. Leave!‘And he did. “

In another part of the ceremony, Dame Mirren shared her love for Pen15 (“I find it so funny”), revealed that his own SAG award was having a “gripping fling” with his Oscar (“I catch them together and I swear to God I haven’t gotten them together”) and reflected on a particularly glamorous vintage photo.

“Oh, you shouldn’t be wearing those boots with that skirt,” she said expressionlessly. “That was a terrible idea.”

To top it all off, Mirren offered some advice to young actors, though this particular gem could apply to just about anyone: “Be on time and don’t be an idiot.”


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