Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Her Current Skincare & Wellness Routine – Shop Her Favorite Products

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Gwyneth Paltrow shares her current beauty favorites. The actress goes through the steps of her morning routine to fashionBeauty secrets video series.

The 48-year-old founder of Goop reveals her clean skincare and makeup basics to create her everyday look effortlessly, as she talks about the beauty lesson she learned at 40 and how her 16-year-old daughter, Apple, She is an expert in makeup. .

Paltrow starts with a product from her own Goop Beauty line. The self-proclaimed “heavy scrub junkie” says she “can’t live without” GoopGlow Microderm Instant Glow Scrub for a smooth, radiant foundation.

Then apply Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, a celebrity favorite; Tia Mowry used it in her routine for aliens Without filter – on the face, neck and décolleté.

“It’s amazing to know that there are clean, non-toxic products that are really effective and really do wonders for the skin,” says Paltrow.

Next, Paltrow wears a couple of products from celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey’s brand. Apply the Hydrating Eye Mask under the eyes and massage the area with the Gold Sculpting Bar.

“I wasn’t a person who ever had a skincare routine as a teenager, my daughter does, but I was very tomboyish so this whole skincare thing came to me later in life.” , Explain.

For those looking for a great clean, non-toxic beauty product available at the drugstore, Paltrow recommends Weleda Skin Food, which is a “super rich and fantastic moisturizer.”

Paltrow puts on another moisturizer for her dry skin. This time, an upcoming new product for Goop Beauty: the luminous lotion.

“I really wanted to start making beauty products because at the time there weren’t many available that were beautiful, high-quality and non-toxic products,” shares the star. “There was a kind of ‘clean’ moisturizer that you could find at the health food store, and then there were all the conventional ones that some of them, even the really expensive ones, had crazy ingredients, like antifreeze, literally. I didn’t want that either, like that. I saw a lot of white space in the clean and luxurious healthcare market, so the Goop line was formed from that. “

The entrepreneur talks about the beauty lesson she learned about skin care and aging.

“One of the things I really learned when I hit 40 is how important it is to take good care of your skin from the inside out. That means hydration, exercise, breathing fresh air, going for a walk, eating foods that have a high nutritional density. I really believe that as women we should feel free to do whatever we want as we age to feel our best, “she describes.

Paltrow then moves on to makeup, which involves one of her daily essentials.

“This next one is really a secret weapon, so I always have it in my bag at all times,” she says of Olio E Osso tinted balm. “Basically, you just put a little bit on your cheek.”

“It really helps just to give you a nice lift and a healthy and also very nice gloss on the lips,” she adds.

The mother of two thanks her daughter, Apple, for being amazing at makeup.

“My daughter is very interested in the world of beauty. She knows everything,” says Paltrow. “She has these amazing long nails that are painted in such cool ways. She has her eyelashes. I mean, she knows how to contour. That girl is on fire with her routine.”

“I don’t know where he got it from. He definitely didn’t get it from me. I can barely put on concealer like you just saw,” he jokes. “But she’s really good at it. She’s amazing. If she comes down to the kitchen with a fresh, cute face and has her smoothie or whatever, she goes upstairs and comes back and it’s like, wow! She’s amazing. Reminds me that the trend now is like ’90s makeup, you know, it’s like full brows and liquid liner and matte lips and all that, so she’s really good at it. I’m not that good at it. “

Paltrow concludes her get ready with me routine by applying Kosas mascara and a Goop lip balm.

“Mascara is the best if you want to know that you took a nap, that you are well rested. It takes years off your life. I mean, the mascara is really where it is.”

“My favorite beauty product is lip balm. I love lip balm. I am addicted to lip balm. My lips are very dry. We always try to get it right and finally we did it. It sold out in two seconds and there is a reason why it is so smooth, fantastic, really hydrating. It doesn’t make your lips sticky. ”


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