Guzmán-Pinal family ask Frida Sofía to go to therapy after accusations

In case of Frida sofia continues to give something to talk about, after accusing Enrique Guzmán of having touched her as a child, the Mexican singer denied a day later that those statements were false and invited her to report to the authorities.

Guzmán-Pinal family ask Frida Sofía to go to therapy after accusations about Enrique Guzmán

In addition to Enrique Guzmán’s refusal, the Guzmán-Pinal family decided to publish a statement where they make recommendations to Frida Sofía and they invite her to reflect on what happened.

In the statement, The Guzmán Pinal family wants Frida Sofía to get help to improve her mental health.

Also, the family in the outer writing his position on the statements recently made by Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, in which she assures that her grandfather Enrique Guzmán touched her when she was a child.

In said statement, the family emphasizes that they have let Frida know that they love her and that they are open to clarifying things, in addition to a possible reconciliation between both parties.

“We have chosen not to respond through the media, but by letting Frida know that we love her, that we hope she will get the help to improve her mental health that she so clearly requires and that we are here with open arms,” ​​says the written.

“Provided that any intention to clarify and reconcile is done in private and without the intention of exposing it in the media,” he adds.

The Guzmán-Pinal family does not want more rumors from the press

On the other hand, the family emphasized that they do not want to be a participant in rumors after Frida’s statementsTherefore, the interview that Enrique Guzmán and Luis Enrique gave to “Ventaneando” will be the only media appearance to talk about this matter.

“We do not want to participate in this wave of gossip that is due to ‘concerned journalists’ taking advantage of Frida’s unfortunate situation,” they explain.

How did the case of Frida Sofía against Enrique Guzmán begin?

Let’s remember that a couple of days ago, Frida Frida Sofía, daughter of singer Alejandra Guzmán, accused her grandfather Enrique Guzmán of having touched her During his childhood

Frida Sofía said that the abuses included touching and that they started at an early age and these statements made social networks explode.

“He groped me … since I was 5 (years old),” said Frida Sofía, trying to hold back her tears.

“He was always very abusive. I start to tremble because I have a lot to say about it. He was a very disgusting man… He always scared me. He did ugly things to me, ”he said.

For its part, Enrique Guzman replied through his Twitter account and emphasized that he would never do something against a relative of his.

“I am very concerned about the mental instability of @fridasofia and the stupidity of @gustavoadolfo, a man who knows me perfectly,” he said.

How will this novel by the Guzmán-Pinal family end?

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