Grandparents get on a mechanical game, their reaction sets fire to social networks

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the joys or situations that made us happy in life have been gradually diluted, We cannot leave the house and there are few moments that remind us of what life was like before.

But those few moments that remind us that the most important thing in life is to enjoy it, Yes, they are small spaces that bring us back to life and two grandparents reminded us that time should be used to the maximum.

Grandparents get on a mechanical game and their reaction sets social networks on fire

Turns out that a pair of grandparents They went to a fair, there is no specific date on which this happened, but both decided to get on a mechanical game and their reaction when the machine started is unforgettable.

They both enjoyed for a few minutes in the Chinese Dragon (name of the mechanical game), they did not stop smiling and although the game is not high impact, there are many people who fear to get on it, but they enjoyed it as if they were children.

By the way, with this we also remember the case of a man who decided to pamper his pet and put him on a mechanical game in a business.

The date the video was recorded is unknown

Despite his age, both are having an incredible time in one of the most iconic games in Mexico and it immediately reminds us of the phrase, “We were happy and we didn’t know it.”

In the video, We can see two grandparents with hats and the whole thing, smiling and feeling the adrenaline, this caused various reactions on the Internet, from those who celebrated the friendship of both, others who put up motivational phrases and there are always those who criticize, because neither of them wore face masks.

We do not know the name of the protagonists or where it was recorded, but just by seeing them they transmitted us the joy that we have needed so much in the Pandemic.

There were messages that reminded us of how happy we were before the Pandemic

These gentlemen appeared in TikTok and YouTube, and there are some descriptions that celebrate how these pair of grandparents found fun.

“Because there is no age to have fun. You have to enjoy life … To show these grandparents they show us that age is just numbers and that fun and happiness last a lifetime, “he says in a post.

Here we leave you the funny original video and remember that there is only one life:

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