Glenn Close Says Spike Lee Called Her After The Oscars Moment ‘Da Butt’ (Exclusive)

Glenn Close is talking about the aftermath of his show robbery moment at this year’s Oscars, when he danced to “Da Butt” during the ceremony to the delight of everyone in attendance and those who watched at home. ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke to her and Close Four good morning Her co-star, Mila Kunis, about her new movie Thursday, and Close also revealed that director Spike Lee got in touch with her after she greeted him and his 1988 film. Daze School, which featured the song.

Lee praised Close on Instagram for doing the dance. Close said Lee and her family also called her after the viral moment and she spoke about the creators of the song, which was written by musician Marcus Miller and performed by the DC-based band EU (Experience Unlimited).

“Well now I know a lot more about them and I was very touched by the press that talked about the man who wrote the song and the band and everything, and I mean, for me, it was a huge revelation,” he tells ET. “Spike Lee and his family called me, you know, it just opened up. I think something that people were really happy to remember and revisit and I hope they come back.”

Close is promoting his new movie, Four good morning, in which she plays a mother helping her daughter (Kunis) get through four crucial days of recovery from substance abuse. Close said it was a “heartbreaking” role.

“Well, I took this movie for that first scene where a mother leaves her daughter outside the house,” she shares. “It’s so extreme and you think, ‘Oh, I could never do that.’ But when you think about … what was her story and how many times, you know, maybe she had enabled it without realizing that she was enabling it and it’s it’s just love in its hardest form, you know? “

Kunis praised Close for keeping him light on set despite the very serious subject matter.

“There are actors in the industry that I have the privilege of being around and working with that important act because they want to feel important and by that I mean, it’s very specific, it’s all very, you know, down the line,” Kunis says. “You can’t laugh, you can’t smile, you have to look important to be treated as important. Glenn Close is a phenomenal actress. She just walks in, takes an amazing shot, and then she turns around and there’s a furry little dog that comes running. and she’s busy doing puzzles and it’s like nothing happened. And it’s the best gift you can give your partner in a scene, it’s just the idea that it’s okay to laugh and it’s okay that we don’t. You don’t have to Act serious to be serious. It’s okay to be a good actor and then want to pet your dog. “

“For me, going into this, I didn’t know what Glenn Close was going to be like and I thought, this could be one of those where we have to be serious all day, be quiet and be in character.” She continues. “I was ready for it and then after meeting her, I thought, ‘Oh my God, thank God,’ I was so relieved. And so happy that she was an exceptional actress.”

Four good morning it’s in theaters now. Check out the trailer below.


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