Gigi Hadid finally reveals her baby’s name

Model Gigi Hadid finally revealed her daughter’s name with singer Zayn Malik. He did it in a very discreet way on his Instagram account.

Four months after her baby girl arrived, Hadid simply made a major change to her Instagram bio on Thursday. He modified his description to read: “Khai’s mother”.

Gigi Hadid finally reveals her baby's name
Image: Instagram @gigihadid

With the news, Gigi Hadid ends speculation

Since September 23, when Hadid and Malik’s little daughter came into the world, much had been speculated about the name they would give him.

That day the former One Direction member wrote on his Instagram account: “Our baby is here, healthy and beautiful. Trying to put into words how I feel right now would be an impossible task. The love I feel for this little human is beyond my comprehension. Grateful to know her, proud to call her mine and grateful for the life we ​​will have together X “, wrote. But both he and Hadid never revealed the little girl’s name.

The couple have not confirmed the meaning of the name they chose. But the name Khai means crowned in Arabic and fans have noticed that Malik’s last name means king in Arabic, which means that the baby’s full name is king crowned.

The couple have yet to publish a photo of little Khai

Neither Gigi nor Zayn have posted a photo of little Khai on their social media but they offer little glimpses. Two weeks ago, the model posted a photo of her daughter’s little hand holding her finger. “My girl”, wrote.

Then when a snowstorm hit New York City, she shared an image of her pushing her stroller through the snow. “His first snow.”

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