Gianluca Vacchi opens OnlyFans account with his partner

Something that surely many people expected: Gianluca Vacchi opened his OnlyFans account for all his followers.

But he is not achieving this milestone alone, but with his partner Sharon Fonseca, with whom he recently had his first baby, Blu Jerusalema.

If you want to see exclusive content and not published before, join our OnlyFans, said the couple through a video on Instagram, where the businessman and Internet star has close to 20 million followers.

What’s in Gianluca Vacchi’s OnlyFans and how much does it cost?

The images with which Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca promote their OnlyFans account show the also DJ in a bathing suit, with his partner and even naked while throwing himself into the pool.

Nevertheless, everything seems to indicate that the content will be more familiar, well images of the couple predominate in their facets as parents, exercising and their careers.

Follow us in our day to day (…) where we will be sharing our routines, trips, businesses, secrets and much more ”, the couple wrote.

A few days after publishing the news, the video already has more than 3.7 million views on Instagram.

According to their OnlyFans account, the subscription will cost $ 6 a month, although you can access a 3-month package for $ 16.20.

In the contents. Gianluca has shown what his upper body training is and invites his followers to train with him.

In addition, the couple told for the first time how they met, in a video that lasts about 21 minutes.

Let us know if you would subscribe and what other content you would like to see.

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