George Clooney confessed that he cuts his hair himself. You won’t believe how

The actor of The Big Scam, Batman and Robin and Gravity, among many other projects, George Clooney confessed that he only cuts his hair.

The secret of his signature haircut, with which he has fallen in love with the public for decades, was revealed.

And if you’re wondering, yes your own haircuts have made appearances in hundreds of movies and at events like the Oscars.

In an interview with CBS, the actor explained that he cuts his hair with an infomercial machine.

For his characteristic look, the 59-year-old actor wears a Flowbee, a machine that vacuums the hair, cuts it and collects the excess hair:

I have cut my hair myself for 25 years. My haircuts literally take me two minutes.

In this way he admitted it when promoting his latest film The Midnight Sky, a futuristic thriller and that is one of the Netflix premieres in December.

Although many people have used this machine during the quarantine, Clooney made it clear that it is not his case, since he has been using it for a quarter of a century:

My hairs are like straws, they are easy to cut, you can’t go wrong. Years ago I bought a Flawbee, when I was a kid. I still have it.

Hey, it works, although I wouldn’t dare I wouldn’t dare cut my wife.

What do you think of George Clooney’s hair secret, did you expect it? Here we leave you the complete interview for you to see.

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