Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed take ET inside their $ 25 million mansion in Los Angeles (Exclusive)

Gene Simmons and Shannon Lee Tweed Simmons are giving Entertainment Tonight a tour of their home!

The 71-year-old KISS rocker and his wife, 64, exclusively invited ET inside their Los Angeles mansion, which is on the market for $ 25 million by Josh and Matt Altman of Douglas Elliman. It’s the same house where they filmed their long-running reality TV show, Gene Simmons Family Jewelry, which also featured their two children, Nick, 32, and Sophie, 28.

Shannon explained that she and Gene ultimately decided to leave Los Angeles in search of a more laid-back, laid-back lifestyle. It’s something they’ve been thinking about for a while, he said, ever since Nick and Sophie moved in and moved into their own houses. “And secretly, I only want 10 more dogs,” he joked.

Gene chimed in, telling ET that the house is “too big” for the two of them at this point in their lives. In addition to its massive size, the property features everything from waterfalls to swimming pools, a billiards room, and a wine room.

“It’s a big property and the kids literally grew up here,” he shared. “Now they’ve moved in, and they both have their own houses next to each other in the Hollywood Hills. They borrow a cup of sugar and all that. They love and support each other like the best children you can imagine.”

“They have their own lives, and now we have this big house. And if I want to talk to Shannon, I have to press an intercom because she’s on the other end of the house,” he continued. “It’s happy and it’s also sad. When you are a child and you live at home, you love your mom and dad, but at some point you have to move. It’s sad because you move home, but you also look forward to the future, and We really hope that the next family that lives here will get as much joy from this place as we do. “

Shannon said that what she will miss the most about her longtime family home are all the memories they created in it, including
“Everything that happened here: bad, good, emotional, whatever.”

“Like when your son had his first date, or when he had his first traumatic experience, you know?” She explained. “They did their homework here, they got their compliments there. You read their report cards in the kitchen and you put pictures on the fridge.”

“You better visit, or else!” he said, and Gene added, “As a matter of fact, Sophie will come the same day [we move]. She is not going to let us go. “

Gene and Shannon also reacted to rumors that their next home would be in Washington state. They set the record straight, telling ET that’s just not true, they’re actually heading to Nevada!

“We looked around everywhere,” Gene explained. “I never bought any property, anywhere, at any time in Washington state or Washington, DC. I never rented a house, never stayed at an Airbnb. I never did any of that. It’s false, it’s not true.”

“We are literally moving to the state of Nevada full time,” he revealed. “We are going to vote there, we are going to do all the things there and live there. We love Los Angeles. We love the lifestyle, everything is great … but it’s time.”

While the two did not share too Many details about their new residence, Shannon (who also has her own “investment house” in Whistler) described their joint ownership as “nice.”

“It’s a bit more remote,” he joked. “More land, more dogs.”

Later in the interview, Gene and Shannon also talked about their unique love story in Hollywood. While the two didn’t get married until 2011, they have been together for more than 37 years.

“It took me a long, long time to even get serious about life. I grew up hearing all these things, like, ‘Oh, family is everything, and if it weren’t for my wife and stuff, it would be nothing.’ It’s true. ‘ Gene said enthusiastically. “We are engrossed [as men]. They teach us that since we are children. But finally you have to think of someone other than yourself. “

“Embarrassingly most of my life, I was like, ‘Where are you going? Where am I going? Who wants to know?’ That arrogant kind of thing, “he continued. “Shannon has always been, and still is, the moral compass of this family, the soul. We are just an empty body without her. She raised these two wonderful and incredible children who have become wonderful human beings…. In As for me, she is now more beautiful than ever. “

Shannon added to the memory of her story and told ET, “I knew he was there, I just had to wait until he came out.”

“He was a good man in a bad boy shell,” he recalled. “I had things to do and I had to do it before [he married me]. “

“You can’t change someone,” he continued, “but you can see their potential and hope for the best, if you have the patience.”

Hear more about the Simmons family in the video below.


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