Galilea Montijo announces that he has COVID-19 again

After the absence of Galilea Montijo from the Hoy program, many theories began to emerge about this; However, the host announced that she has not been on television because tested positive for COVID-19 again.

Galilea reported through a video call to the program, that he began to feel bad, so he decided to undergo a test

I did the rapid test and it came out positive, immediately spoke to the producer (of the program Today). My responsibility and that of anyone is to be at home, and when the results arrive, yes, positive again“Said the famous host.

Legarreta and Galilea Montijo today
Image from Instagram @programahoy

This surprised him greatly, because only in November Galilea Montijo had already been sick with COVID-19 and after recovering he had been taking care of himself. However the “strange” symptoms started and he had to be tested.

“Yesterday morning I got nauseous. I woke up very early thinking that something was wrong with me. I was still exercising on Sunday.

The pain of the body, a terrible sore throat. Unlike the other time, it didn’t give me a headache, which I appreciate very much, because the headache, last time, was terrible. Fever has not given me. Mateo had a high fever all morning, because we are the only ones who tested positive, my husband came out negative, so we sent him to sleep in the tub. “

For the moment, Galilea Montijo will remain in quarantine battling against the COVID-19 one more time.

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