Frida Sofía will take legal action against Enrique Guzmán

The allegations of abuse that Frida sofia has poured on his grandfather, Enrique Guzmán, it seems that they will not only remain on social networks, because he will take legal action.

The model reported that she was raped by the singer when she was a minor; in addition to with her grandmother Silvia Pinal and his mother Alejandra Guzmán, things were very similar. This despite the fact that all his family accused of being a liar on several occasions.

As reported by Gustavo Adolfo Infante, host of the program De Primera Mano, this public signal would not stop there and would attend the courts to present evidence about the abuse of which he says he was a victim.

Frida Sofía, would have the support of her father, Pablo Moctezuma, who was Alejandra Guzmán’s partner. In addition, the driver assured that by anticipating these actions, Enrique Guzmán would already be planning his defense.

The model has not been silent since she made public the abuses and has criticized his mother for defending his grandfather. He even attacked the presenter of Ventaneando Paty chapoy, who when he interviewed the singer assured that he believed him.

The Mexican deputy, Sergio meyer, I would be supporting Frida Sofía against Enrique Guzmán, just as Ricardo Crespo’s daughter did. In addition to that he has invited all women victims of abuse to report.

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