Frida Sofía shows video of Verónica Castro accusing Enrique Guzmán of harassment

The war in the Guzmán family does not end. Frida Sofía gave a new blow against her grandfather Enrique Guzmán, whom she accuses of having abused her as a child. Now revealed a video of Veronica Castro accusing the singer of having touched her without her consent.

On her Instagram account, the model shared an interview where her mother, Alejandra Guzmán and Verónica Castro talk, where he assures that his father, Enrique Guzmán he touched the busco and the butt.

In the video, Alejandra asks him if after the first touch, Enrique did not touch her again, to which she affirms that he did, but now it was on the buttocks.

“We were with your father last week, yes he touched me, I go out with an armor over here and I tell him ‘now he’s not going to touch me,’ and when he hugs me, he grabs me from behind, oh your father!” .

Frida Sofía is revealing this anecdote about Verónica Castro, to show how her mother conceals her grandfather from the abuses he has carried out over the years against various women, even against her and her grandmother Silvia Pinal.

“I think the most disturbing and disgusting is the laughter and the normalization of this disgusting and disrespectful.”

And it is that despite the complaint that Frida Sofía made, Alejandra Guzmán did not believe her and has defended Enrique Guzmán from all the accusations against him. Even assuring that his daughter has mental problems.

There are already accusations before the authorities

Enrique Guzmán filed a complaint against Frida Sofía for these accusations, assuring that he is innocent; while the model is preparing hers, where she assures that her grandfather has acted in a bad way for many years.

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