Frida Sofía assures that Enrique Guzmán raped Silvia Pinal

The controversy generated between Frida sofia Y Enrique Guzman is rising more and more in tone, because after Alejandra Guzmán’s defense for her father; Frida assured that her grandfather abused Silvia Pinal.

The young woman replied to her mother on social networks, who assured that “she put her hands in the fire for Enrique Guzman“. For this reason, Frida Sofía expressed her sadness when she saw that her mother defended her grandfather, whom she pointed out as abuse; He also assured that Silvia Pinal it was another of his victims.

“Mom, I saw your statement, The only thing I can tell you is that it saddens me that you continue with the charade and say that about my grandfather when you know exactly who he is. You know what he raped and punched my grandmotherYou were crying thinking about his little purple eyes, he pulled his teeth at you, he always abused you in every way And you go out to say such an absurd and out of reality speech?”, He commented on social networks.

Frida Sofia breaks the silence about Enrique Guzmán

In addition, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter assured that with her the chain of silence, denial, abuse and hiding reality is broken.

“I am proud of myself, that I had the courage to speak up and say something that has hurt my soul for so many years, that I was so deeply ashamed of always feeling that I allowed it. I feel free to finally express it. Maybe you’re not ready to talk about your abusers yet And that’s why you continue to deny who your dad is, I respect him. Everyone has their times ”.

Frida Sofía accused her grandfather of abuse On April 7, when in an interview with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante on the First Hand program, he accused Enrique Guzmán “as a very abusive man, a very disgusting man, he scared me. He did ugly things to me ”.

This Saturday Alejandra Guzman He went out to defend his father and assured that his daughter was accusing her grandfather with bases and lies.

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