Free Metallica Concert; a candidate’s proposal to win votes

Currently in Mexico political campaigns are being carried out for the elections to be held in mid-2021. As always politicians promise things in order to win votes; one even assured that if he won, he would a free Metallica concert.

The campaigns to renew several popularly elected positions in states and municipalities of the country have given much to talk about; However Augusto González of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), the fence seems to have been blown off.

The candidate for the municipal presidency of Reynosa tamaulipas, assured that he would use the money for something that all citizens would enjoy.

The wool is ours, we have to invest it and I dare say it, listen well, if we get to the Presidency, we are going to bring Metallica to Reynosa for free. Enough is enough! Enough of our wool being screwed on anything! “.

Free Metallica concert in Reynosa, Tamaulipas

This promise of a free Metallica concert was released over the weekend during one of the politician’s campaign rallies; However the video was barely released, which began to go viral.

The event was held during a concert by the Mexican band Genitallica (possibly the name was inspired to mention a historic band), which was organized by the party and served as an electoral campaign.

Undoubtedly, the peculiar proposal was criticized, because according to him he wants the money to be invested in “something profitable” and a Metallica concert, although much appreciated by the fans, it would be a huge waste of resources for the Mexican city.

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