Fox Channel changes name to Star Channel, all you need to know

If you can’t find Fox Channel, don’t worry, it’s not a mistake, since this morning it changed its name and is now called Star Channel.

Although they had already made it known since 2020, the channel’s followers showed their astonishment at the farewell on social networks.

Through Twitter, the company, now Star Channel, took the ad with humor a few days ago and used images from The Simpsons to say that the name changed, but the content remains the same.

According to the company, the content will remain with what they had on Fox, with series such as The walking dead.

Why did Fox Channel switch to Star Channel?

The name change is part of Disney’s strategy to consolidate its brand and increase the catalog of its streaming service with Disney + and Star.

According to a statement, Star features content from 20th Century Studios, 20th Television, Touchstone and more.

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